Cameron Woodford

Product Manager /

Growth Hacker

Hi, my name is Cameron. I have worked and lived in Europe for 4 year amongst the worlds most promising software technology startups. I’m the founder and CEO of Now an Award Winning Startup and one of the United Kingdoms largest dating apps.


North of 700,000 Store impressions, 100,000 registered users in and more than 20,000 monthly active users in the first 2 months of release.


Specialities though-out the launch and growth of digital products

I began with paper sketches in 2015 and since then I have released 2 initial MVPs before launching our fully fledged 2.0 product internationally in early 2018 that continues to grow organically across the world sustaining revenue. 


Though out the product development cycle I constructed an extremely agile workflow which allowed us to be very flexible and detailed in executing an industry superior product on a bootstrapped budget.  At peak development, I and our company CDO had contracted up to 9 software developers working on a singular goal. 


Within a short period of just 18 months, I and the team grew the brand and analyzed many pivotal data points from our initial MVP product which attributed to the creation of Now 2.0 a truly desirable and engaging product, market fit and ready to scale against industry leaders.

  • An end to end set of product defining requirements to build and optimizing usability, engagement and revenue

  • Agile workflow to maximize design/development productivity, product flexibility and execution 

  • Comprehensive data attribution to analyzing user behavior and product improvement

  • International paid mobile marketing to attribute organic app exposure

  • Detailed marketing and competitor intelligence 

  • Branding position and social media persona

  • Affiliate marketing, mobile and web ad serving 

  • App Store Optimisation and store intelligence

  • Social media paid advertisement

  • Google and Apple paid Search advertisement

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